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Here's a preview of the Advocate article. Once I get my hands on that issue I will put the pictures and article up on the site.
Hope you all checked out Matt's new redesign and Jaime's chat every week on his site.

Hey peoples...wussup. Hope you all had a great 4th of July! Unfortunately I didnt...I was very lonely this entire weekend. One exciting thing did happen though...I turned 23 but it's no fun when you're spending it alone. I guess you're here to get the new update of pictures from tonight's episode. I'll have them up by tomorrow night because I just started a new job and that is gonna take up some of my time. I know you guys will understand right? =) Unfortunately there won't be that many Danny pics since he was hardly in tonight's episode. And wussup with Jaime wearing that kilt?

My it just me or does Agent 1 from Spygroove look like Danny?! Just thought I'd point that out...hmm maybe Agent 2 is Paul? Hahaha imagine the show was based on these two? I'm just kidding....check out spygroove on

I know it's very overwhelming for Danny to see so many people go nuts over him. I'm pretty sure I can speak for most of you that the reason why we feel so strongly about Danny is because he truly is a person to admire. He's a strong person to be so open about his sexuality in the spotlight media. Many of us wish we had a Danny in our lives and maybe some of us do. But I can't stress enough the reason why I created this site. It was pure inspiration and motivation after seeing Danny. Having Danny on the Real World will not only help some people come to terms with their sexuality, but also help break down stereotypes in society. Hopefully making society more aware that we are just people dealing with life and that being gay is added stress. I want to thank all of you who have visited the site especially those who sent me email and signed my guestbook. I really want to hear from you guys even if it's just hello. And please remember that I am not related to MTV, Bunim Murray, or anyone from the Real World and that includes Danny! I dont know Paul's identity, I dont know Danny's biography or his life, I am just a fan like you.


I created this page because just like you I admire Danny very much. It's about time that regular guys like Danny are represented in mainstream media. I didnt think the ninth season of the Real World would be to be any good until I saw how radically diverse the new cast is.

This is a site for Danny fans and for those who can relate to him. I am not related to Bunim-Murray, MTV, or the cast of the Real World in any way. I am not out to disrespect or exploit Danny in any way, shape, or form. I was disappointed to see that there were hardly any sites about the Real World and Danny that I decided to create my own. I dont feel like I am wasting my time or energy if I can help others out. Just remember that the Real World is a reality based television program. What you see on the show may or may not be depicted correctly. Cast members are just like you and me everyday human beings with feeling and emotions. We are all dealing with life and society.

Many of you have emailed me asking if I have contacted Danny. I have not tried to reach him in any way because I choose not to. I am sure that he is a very busy guy especially since the Real World started. Realize that you are not the only one who wants to contact him. His mailbox is probably flooded with all mail his fans send him.