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Welcome Danny Fans to my Real World Fansite
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For you dumb ass people...I am NOT Danny

Yup I know that it's been a while since I've updated the site but here you go with not one new gallery but FOUR. I managed to get the pictures of Danny from the Road Rules episode. I have been busy with alot of stuff (work, friends, my boyfriend). Really though when I have time I will redesign the site because I'm bored with this orange scheme. Not to mention I really want to get rid of the poll on this page. Coming soon...RW9 wallpaper, more artwork from Danny Fans, and Screensaver? Lemme know what you Oh sorry to those who I havent been able to keep in touch with...Shane you know I am thinking about you...And oh by the way I AM NOT DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The episode that you guys have been waiting for is finally UP! Click here to go straight to episode 6 pictures. There are some pictures I chose not to show on this site because it wouldn't seem know what pictures I'm talking about...

Man that Valentine's episode was one of the best episodes so far. I love Melissa and all (she's so hilarious) but Bunim-Murray has focused on her enough! Time for more DANNY and Paul! It was so sweet to see Danny and Paul spending time together. Gotta hand it to Paul...he da MAN for pulling off such a great Valentine's surprise.

Thank you to Derek a.k.a mushroom for letting me know about Danny's Official Website at Check it out people...

Also check out Danny Online : Unofficial Danny Headquarters at and the new Society for the Preservation of the Twinkle in Danny's Eye site at

Advocate pictures are up....

So like I got this disturbing email today. It seems that another Real World fansite claims that I "stole" the Advocate article off her site and she doesnt want her link on my site. The email was full of B.S. accusations. You all know how hard I work to give you guys want you want. I ain't gonna steal from another person's site. I always give credit where credit is due. Which means THANK YOU to mushroom a.k.a Derek and tduke a.k.a Trent for keeping me informed two weeks ago about the Advocate article. As for the other Real World won't find a link to her page on my site anymore. Stupid thing is she wanted me to link her site! Oh well...

Calling all artists! Hey people...I want to see your skillz! Send me any artwork that you'd like me to put on the site. What I'd really like right now is an Anime drawing of the Real World 9: New Orleans cast. I will create a page just for you if you send me an awesome drawing!

Calling all Danny fans...I hope you guys know that the Chat Room is open and working. Let's schedule a chat every night at 8pm eastern time.

Episode 5 pictures are coming soon. I didnt get a chance to capture them yet. I'm like so overwhelmed with my new job. It's an awesome design firm that I'm working for but it's really long hours and that's why my updates have been scarce. But no matter what I will always update the site whenever I can. Thanks to all of you who keep coming back.

This is a site created for all you Danny fans...please let me know what you think and want to see on this site:

Email Danny:

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